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With the mission "To bring Vietnamese lotus to the world "; Khoi Minh Thanh Cong CO., LTD with the ECOLOTUS brand has developed different products made from Vietnamese lotus, in the past 5 years. Continuing pursuing this goal, we has successfully invented a new line of products: The ‘Lá Sen’ bags line.
 The ‘Lá Sen’ bags was created as a sustainable solution for the pollution caused by single-use plastic waste. Each year the world has over 35 millions tons of plastic disposed. To reduce the impact plastic has on the environment, some Europeans countries and the U.S has regulations and laws to ban plastic use. In Vietnam, consumers are now aware about the environment with different approaches, such as using natural and reusable products.
In addition, ‘Lá Sen’ bags is one of the key products through which Ecolotus wants to promote the values of the lotus, especially the Dong Thap Muoi region. The lotus is a special plant that can grow in alum earth, poor nutrition. By incorporating technology into indigenous resource, ‘Lá Sen’ bags was created.
          The sacred lotus also imbued with Asian cultural values and Vietnamese in particular, but its application is only known for decoration, medicine. Through this new bags line, Ecolotus wants introduce a wider application of the lotus in daily life, thus present the Vietnamese culture to the world.
 Ecolotus' ‘Lá Sen’ bags  are made from real lotus leaves harvested  by farmers from Dong Thap region. Ecolotus promises to follow the "Fairtrade" guide line to help local farmers having a secure output. The lotus leaves then processed with our European technology, then cut and either glued or sew on the surface of the bags. With this technology, the leaves although dried, but can still maintain its flexibility, softness and will not be crumbled when squished. Because the lotus leaves naturally repel water, hence when put on the bags, it helps the bag to resist water as well. In addition, each ‘Lá Sen’ bag is unique on its own, because the leaves used to create it is unique with their own pattern, just like human’s fingerprint.
          The Ecolotus’ ‘Lá Sen’ product line contains:
Ecolotus ‘Lá Sen’ paper bags line. Comes in 3 size, large, medium, and small. This is an economy choice. The bag can withstand an average weight of about 14kg-16kg, is reusable to carry daily groceries, gifts, and/or for product packaging then regift to customers.
Ecolotus ‘Lá Sen’ cotton bags line. These are made by sewing the leaves on cotton, comes in two form, the shopper bag and the tote bag. This line has a higher price compare with the paper bag. A fashion choice, that can be used to carry shopping item, or to accompany with the customer to different events or for traveling.
Both of the bags are skillfully handcrafted by the workers of Sen Viet company, which is also an enthusiastic startup project of Dong Thap.
Ecolotus' ‘Lá Sen’ bags product line are officially online-released on March 24, 2020 through the company’s 
Info about Ecolotus:
Ecolotus is a brand specialized in extracting and raising the values of the Sacred Lotus. From making sustainable handicraft products that can be used as gifts and fashion accessory, or be used as interior decoration, or as food and beverage
Mr.Ngo Chi Cong – Founder/CEO of Ecolotus – graduated with a Master’s degree in Chemical technology of Sustainable Development at the University of Paris Sorbonne, with his colleagues they return to Vietnam determined to promote the values and beauty of the Vietnamese lotus to the world.