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Tin tứcNgày: 01-04-2023 bởi: Phong Vinh

The "Exclusive" Lotus Drying Process by Ecolotus.


The dried lotus technology, also known as the "longevity process for lotus", is Ecolotus' exclusive method. Drying replaces the natural living plastic of the flower with synthetic living plastic compounds, which are then recolored and dried.  

The "synthetic living plastic" compounds are substances commonly used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food. The technology ensures safety for producers, consumers, and the environment. For lotus flowers, an aquatic plant with watery stems and fragile petals, Ecolotus' research team has developed a unique formula and process. The dried lotus flowers retain their vibrant petal shape, smooth elasticity, and softness. Ecolotus dried lotus flowers can be used for an extended period (on average, 3-6 months under favorable conditions) without the need for watering or care. 

The Dried Lotus technology allows Ecolotus to create a new "handcrafted art material" for Vietnam. Linked to the mission of "prolonging the longevity of the lotus," the technology creates lotus with a modern color palette, preserving and continuing the tradition of the "National Flower" for generations to come. Based on this material, Ecolotus continuously strives to perfect and innovate practical and aesthetically pleasing products.

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