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The story of the Dong Thap Lotus conical hat branded as Ecolotus.

Tin tứcNgày: 22-03-2023 bởi: Phong Vinh

The story of the Dong Thap Lotus conical hat branded as Ecolotus.

Dong Thap lotus is a unique lotus species of the Southwestern region of Vietnam. It has been cultivated for a long time and has high economic value. In addition to its spiritual value, Dong Thap lotus is also used for daily utensils, food, drinks, and medicinal herbs.

One of the outstanding products from Dong Thap lotus is the "Lotus Leaf Hat". This special hat is produced by Ecolotus - a business with the purpose of community bonding and environmental conservation.

The "Lotus Leaf Hat" is made from fresh lotus leaves harvested from lotus farms in Dong Thap province. From harvesting to production, everything is done by hand, ensuring the craftsmanship and uniqueness of each hat.

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Artisans at Ecolotus use their skilled hands to create intricate patterns on the hat. With many unique colors and eye-catching patterns, the hat is suitable for many styles and preferences.

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The "Lotus Leaf Hat" is a handmade product that brings high artistic value, uniqueness, and creativity to users. At the same time, the product also contributes to environmental protection and supports the community in Dong Thap province. In the context of more and more people interested in environmentally friendly and cultural products, the Lotus Leaf Hat from Ecolotus has become an interesting choice for those who love uniqueness and creativity.

Ecolotus is truly proud to have brought new values to Dong Thap lotus while still preserving its inherent beauty. However, that beauty is not just in the eyes, you can feel it in many other ways, right on your skin, in every gentle touch.


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