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New Ecolotus Muji bag

Tin tứcNgày: 24-03-2023 bởi: Phong Vinh

New Ecolotus Muji bag

Muji bag is one of the products made from hemp fiber, an eco-friendly material that has not undergone the dyeing process, making it safe to use. However, the uniqueness and appeal of the product are enhanced by the combination with Ecolotus's dried lotus leaves.

Lotus leaves are a type of aquatic herbaceous plant that grows on the water surface, commonly found in marshy areas and rivers. However, the characteristic of lotus leaves is easy to damage and difficult to preserve. With the combination of Muji bag and Ecolotus's dried lotus leaves, the product becomes more unique, interesting, and highly aesthetic.

Ecolotus's dried lotus leaves are produced by natural drying method, which helps to preserve the characteristics of the lotus leaves and maintain their fragrance. When pasted on the Muji bag, the lotus leaves create a beautiful color and image, creating a sense of closeness to nature and bringing relaxation to the user.

Muji bag combined with Ecolotus's dried lotus leaves is a unique, interesting, and highly aesthetic product. The product is an excellent choice for those who love simple, sophisticated, and unique designs, and also a perfect combination of the elegance of Muji bag and the naturalness of Ecolotus's dried lotus leaves.

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